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DIY Catering - Off-premises

Our DIY Catering provides delicious food and convenience.  Place your order, and we'll do the shopping, prep, cooking, and cleaning.  We will have your order ready for pick-up in recyclable aluminum pans at the agreed-upon date and time.  Our DIY Catering menu is for bulk food orders to be consumed off of our premises, without service.  Pick-up is during our regular operating hours.  Local delivery may be available for an additional charge.  All pricing is plus sales tax (6.5%).  Check our current DIY Catering menu below.  Other items may be available with sufficient notice - please ask.  Thanks!

A pan of delicious breakfast biscuits
A colorful antipasto tray
A platter of shrimp cocktial
A young man carrying carting trays.
Pan of chicken piccata

EVERY DAY ITEMS - Prepared to feed about 20 except where indicated.  Items are prepared in bulk in recyclable aluminum catering pans. 

Gorgonzola Salad (full pan/dressing on the side), 60.00

Chicken Piccata with lemon butter and capers, 180.00

Chicken Marsala with mushrooms and rosemary, 180.00

Chicken Parmesan with marinara and provolone, 180.00

Linguine (if desired as an accompaniment to chicken dishes), 40.00

Chicken Tenders with honey mustard dip, 160.00

Broiled Salmon with lemon butter (6-ounce portions), 280.00

Spaghetti & Meatballs (separate pans of each), 150.00

Baked Ziti (penne pasta, marinara, and mozzarella), 80.00

Chicken Penne A La Vodka (tomato cream sauce), 160.00 

Grilled Chicken (breast, sliced or whole), 120.00

Rice Pilaf, 50.00

Mashed Potatoes, 60.00

Chef's Vegetable of Day, 60.00

Rolls & Butter (20 of each), 18.00

Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies (30 pieces), 50.00

Whole Key Lime Pie (6 - 12 pieces), 18.00

Chef's Boxes Lunches, 14 - 18 each, minimum 20 lunches, many options, prices vary

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