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Dividend Loyalty Club

Manero’s Loyalty Registration

We have moved to a new loyalty system provider.  We have emailed several notices to all members asking that they update their account including their phone number.  Your phone number will be the access key to your account when earning points or redeeming rewards. We can no longer look up accounts by member name.  If you have completed this update, your points and awards have moved to our new system.  If not, you will have to re-register and we will manually move your old balances as our time permits.  

If you have never been in our system OR if you have not visited Manero’s in more than six months OR if you have not completed the member update, please register by clicking: DIVIDEND CLUB REGISTRATION.

Once you are in our loyalty club system, please let your server know each visit by providing your phone number so you earn points on each purchase.  Thank you.

If you wish to check your account balance, update your account information or message us about a loyalty issue, please click here, LOYALTY ACCOUNT.

Please note these important changes.

- Member account lookup is by phone number, NOT name.

- Every 200 points earns a $10 award (a 20% increase).  

- Awards will automatically be applied to checks whenever available.

- Accounts must have transaction activity at least every 6 months to remain active.